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"I've learned more from Dan in a year than I learned with two different teachers over the course of three years."

-- Mitch Irzinski

"Dan’s the man! He packs a lot into a lesson. And it’s not just a guitar lesson. It’s all about total musicianship and artistry. He constantly pushes me where I need to go … whether I like it or not! But always with great humor. Dan’s lessons are a workout yet incredibly fun." --

Margot MacDonald

"I've been playing guitar for 15 years. From the very first lesson I learned things from Dan that I would never have come across on my own." -- Scott Kurt

"Dan’s curriculum is designed specifically around what you want to learn.  The first thing he asked me was what kinds of music I wanted to play.  This was a good sign." --Joshua Schustak

"I have had nothing but a great experience learning from Dan. I've learned far more about music, in terms of listening and playing, than I ever would have thought I could."-- Rich Burkholder

"There's always more to learn on guitar, but it's often not clear what to learn NEXT to really impact your playing. Dan zeroes in on the thing that's most missing from your current sound." -- Tom Adcox

"Dan is one of the few teachers you'll ever have who can get you to sound more like you." -- Greg Pearson

"I haven't felt this excited and enthused since I was in college. I walked into my first lesson expecting to be handed a book of scales and told to practice more. I walked out with new insights into songwriting, practical suggestions for fitting music into a busy life, and the novel idea that creating, learning, and playing music is incredibly (duhh!) fun. Dan manages to teach theory, technique, musicianship, craftsmanship and artistry in a thoroughly entertaining and laid-back way. He really knows his stuff, and more importantly, he knows how to teach it, and that's rare." -- Kira Mickle

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